Have You Thought About Lights to Decorate The House?

When I was writing about home decorating and its tips, I talked about easy light fixtures, soft furnishings – I will write about these separately. So that new tenants can recognize their options. That is why I am writing today about arranging rented houses through different types of light fixtures.

What comes to mind when you say ‘beautiful lighting’? Luxury ‘interior design’ in a flat you bought for millions of rupees? Or is the brand of Bengali cinema ‘Chowdhury Saheb’ a huge chandelier? Then I would like to think a little more ‘out of the box. Even if you put a nail in the rented house without telling the landlord, there is no end to accountability. Crazy or not ?? !!

Beautiful light fixtures – For decorating the house

All the rooms in the house have at least two lights, one is a tube light and the other is a bulb. There will also be extra wall-mounted power sockets. Is all this working for you? Before going to buy a new light, check the condition of the power socket near the room where you will install it.

So where have you decided to put a beautiful light, now let’s see what are our options?

1. Table lamp

A variety of tasteful lampshades can be used to change the weather in the room. Starting from very artistic sheds to absolutely simple, modern minimalist type sheds can also be found in various shops in Dhaka.

Have you thought about lights to decorate the house

Chandni shake will get some common and cheap products, Uncommon Medium-Range lampshades in native style will be available at Arang, Jatra in these design houses. You will also find imported modern table lamps and lampshades in the interior decoration shops and light shops located in Gulshan-2, Mohakhali Flyover area.

Where to sit?

The lampshade looks good on a small corner table at knee level. Do not put colorful lamp shades with fringe on the table reading the name of the table lamp! Place one next to the sofa in the drawing-room, and one on the side table in the master bed. Try to avoid very forceful designs.

Have you thought about lights to decorate the house


The lampshades above are a little gorgeous in shape. This type of shade goes well with gorgeous sofa sets, gorgeous wooden bed sets. Again, if you want a very minimalist shade, you can choose basic shapes such as square, round shades. There will be light in the room, the taste will be expressed and eyes will not be removed from the main focus of the room. As a result, it would not seem that he has built a house circus by buying things.

2. Floor lamp

A great addition to the interior decoration. There are very few functional things like floor lamps to focus on the main attraction of the house. Don’t you understand? The thing is, just like the table lamp, the stand is long and can be placed on the floor.

Have you thought about lights to decorate the house

Where to sit?

You can also create a ‘focus’ by buying a few different sized lamp sets of the same design and arranging them in a part of the house. Shop during the day, you will get the effect of light installation at night. If you have a nice piece of furniture/vintage in the drawing-room, you can also use a minimal floor lamp in the following style to focus on it.

So you have to understand that the floor lamp itself can be in focus and can bring others into focus as it is a little bigger in size and has the advantage of being gorgeous, simple/set, or a single.

Usually, the floor lamp is best suited in the drawing/living room. Random informal rooms do not suit so much.

Neon sign

This neon sign light fixture is brand new in Many countries. But I see many people have started using it to give a funky modern look in their personal space. Those who watch YouTube videos know how YouTubers use neon signs in their filming space! Isn’t it?

This light is not available in the country. You can buy neon sign lamp fixtures with initials or inspiring coats of your name by pre-ordering from Amazon. Prices will vary by size.

How to sit?

Neon fits best in your own bedroom or personal space. Framed signs cannot be hung from the wall and placed above the headstand of the bed.

The small sign of the name or letter is more suitable on the bedside table or vanity table.

Fairy lights

Until a few days ago, the rhyme of fairy light or small LED light was used at the wedding house and gate. But this budget light is now being used a lot to decorate the house! If you use the rhyme of 300-400 rupees light in a tasteful way, you don’t have to think about modern, informal home decor combined with neon sign light!

However, keep in mind that it is better to have fairy lights, warm white, colorful fairy lights will give a very ugly effect. Again, it is best not to use the lights in the bedroom that burn like a wedding house (do not enter the house). Use one or two simple rhymes at the focus point of the lightroom.

Don’t buy fairy lights hanging flowers, fruits, plants, and leaves again! They also do not show interest. Neon lights, fairy lights are very modern, very informal. So don’t hang out with expensive furniture or put it in a formal space like ‘drawing’, ‘dining’ – don’t think ‘I decorate the house like the internet’. Use a floor, table lamp, or similar formal setup for all those places!

Informal lights will work best in the room of young or teenagers.

Next, I will write about soft furnishing. That’s all there is to rent a house today. (Designer)

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