How to make a light at home without electricity

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely saddened by the power outage. For some reason, this always happens at the most inopportune moment, when, in principle, you do not want to sleep or go to bed too early. In order not to have to sit in pitch darkness (troubleshooting can take more than one hour), it is worth preparing for such a situation in advance: keep an alternative light source ready. There are many of them, but our selection includes exclusively folk heroes: simple, trouble-free, accessible to everyone.

Our choice is not rich, but if desired, positive qualities can be found in each option, and some of them can even be made with our own hands.


In principle, everything is visible, except that reading or embroidering in such conditions is somehow not very good. Well, you should not test your eyesight for strength: take ex-communication from the blessings of civilization for granted and just relax. Or even turn the situation to your advantage: according to doctors, looking at the flame of a candle is extremely useful! If you do this regularly, your eyesight improves, your stress level decreases, insomnia disappears without a trace, etc. Perhaps the healing effect will be so noticeable that you will have to thank the local electricians for organizing the candle therapy sessions.

how to make a light at home without electricity

For those who make candles, such a situation is a reason to demonstrate their work, now they will definitely be considered in all details. It is very good if the light was turned off during a festive feast: take out the most successful products and boldly put them on the table. Let everyone gasp when they see such beauty and understand how talented you are!

If the candle magnificence you saw has awakened in you a desire to create something similar (or even better), detailed masterclasses will help you successfully take the first steps and save you from typical beginner mistakes:

  • Do-it-yourself “autumn” candles from scrap materials
  • Making decorative candles
  • Making decorative candles. Part two

I understand that our conversation is not at all about making candles, but I cannot resist showing you some more amazing handmade items.

You must admit that even modest standard products will look much better in elegant candlesticks, and they are simply necessary for man-made masterpieces.

In case your candles are still huddled in ordinary glasses or on canning lids, take a moment to look into the Candlesticks section, there is a lot to see! Surely there is a nice idea for every taste. By the way, take a note: homemade candles and candlesticks are a great idea for a New Year’s gift!

Oil lamps

Pay special attention to them: an excellent solution for those who have not had time to prepare for a power outage. Ready-made models are bought only because of the beautiful execution, I can say with all confidence. Because the simplest version can be done in three minutes. But we will return to homemade products a little later, but for now, let’s see what kind of lamps are in principle.

I liked both options in the photo below: they are good, despite the fact that they do not differ in particularly intricate shapes and sophistication of design. I already mentally imagined one of them on the windowsill, then on the dresser, but then I paid attention to the price. The desire to find a mere trifle for an impressive amount disappeared instantly: thanks, I can somehow manage without a cool oil bowl.

how to make a light at home without electricity

It’s a paradox, but the following brass models of oil lamps cost several times less. I wonder why? In my opinion, they are very nice, and there is a protective glass, which is important from a security point of view. The only drawback is that the capacity is too small, you will often have to add oil.

The next option is definitely a record holder: the demand for lamps in the form of an Aladdin lamp is unprecedented. Needless to say, they look great in the interior, and choosing a model to your liking is not a problem at all! Glass, clay, brass, bronze – there are so many!

Well, now let’s get back to homemade products. Previously, there were interruptions in stores with candles, and the lights were turned off regularly, so my mother made the lamp herself. I poured oil into an ordinary faceted glass, made a small hole in a tin seaming lid, twisted a flagellum from a bandage. She dipped one end of the “wick” into the oil, pulled the other through the hole in the lid, put the lid on the glass. Everything. True, there was not much light from him, but everything is better than absolute darkness.

Now for a surprise: I’ve prepared something special for you. The beauty is incredible, you will surely like it! These masterpieces are made according to the same principle, but it is impossible to look away from them, in any case, they made an indelible impression on me

You can fill the container with whatever your heart desires! I managed to find several ideas in the New Year’s style. Well, what do you say?

In my opinion, such an oil lamp can easily cope with the role of a designer interior gizmo. And from a practical point of view, it is beneficial: every housewife has a lot of beautiful jars in stock, there is oil in any house, it will not take long to make – solid pluses!

Kerosene and oil lamps

No matter how hard I tried, I could not find a design feature that would help visually distinguish one from the other. Perhaps they don’t exist at all. Therefore, I had to combine all the ideas I found in one section.

Let’s start with our good old friends – kerosene models. Surely many have preserved copies of the Soviet era. I have one, however, I am afraid to use the veteran for its intended purpose: the fuel container is almost leaky from rust. Now, if it were glass, corrosion would be left with nothing.

Well-preserved specimens can be safely placed in the living room: antiques are now in vogue. Peeling paint, scuffs and scratches are considered the norm, but if you want to refresh the look of the lamp a little, remember the simplest way to decorate – decoupage.

If there is demand, there will be supply. The return of the fashion for lamps was vigilantly tracked by manufacturers and instantly filled the market with models for every taste. If you want brighter lighting – please, here are some products with a reflector. I do not think that this detail significantly affects the illumination – the screen area is too small. But this is just an assumption, and in my life, I have never seen such devices in operation.

Ceiling lamps with lampshades were literally speechless. I understand that this is unnecessary for me, but I cannot get rid of the glamor: I want to! It is sad, but so far desires do not coincide with the possibilities: what you like costs a tidy sum, and what I can afford only remotely resembles the object of dreams.

While looking for interesting photos for a selection, I was surprised to find a chandelier for several burners. I’ve never seen anything like it, have you? Apparently, such products were not in great demand, because the search for similar models was unsuccessful. She paired her younger sister – a modern desk lamp. The execution, of course, is different, but the idea – more light – can be traced.


I still remember inertial pocket torches, the main life credo of which was independence. They didn’t need batteries, mains charging, and other complications. If you want it to be light, work, pump your arm muscles. Maybe these devices are indispensable from a practical point of view, but I would not want to light a room in this way. Yes, if anyone has never seen such a flashlight while working, I will tell you a secret: it buzzes very unpleasantly.

I like the current flashlights much more, diode (LED) ones are especially good: they shine brightly, they hold a charge for a long time, bulbs fail extremely rarely. Apparently, I’m not the only one who gives preference to them, because the choice of LED models is not just huge – it is almost endless. Even tiny USB devices can light up a room.

how to make a light at home without electricity

There is no shortage of proposals: everyone can choose a suitable LED flashlight in terms of power, configuration, and additional functions (adjustable brightness and focusing of the beam, the transformation from a flashlight into a lamp, emergency red light, etc.). A small keychain device will fit comfortably in a pocket or purse: in complete darkness, even following a familiar route (no matter whether in a city or a village) will not be very pleasant if the lights are turned off on the way home.

Many models are equipped with carrying handles, carabiners (can be attached to clothes or a bag), hooks, and loops (convenient to hang on a wall, wood). Exactly the same flashlight as in the next photo on the right has served me faithfully for 6-7 years. I will tell you why I chose it, maybe it will come in handy for someone: the bulbs are covered with an opaque synthetic lampshade (if you can call it that), so at any position of the lantern, the lighting remains soft, comfortable for the eyes.

Modern gadgets cannot be ignored, for example, a headlamp is a thing! He helped out more than once when the lights were turned off, during the construction of the winter garden, and when fishing. In another summer, it is impossible to work in the garden during the day without the risk of getting heatstroke, and many sit at home, under fans and air conditioners. And at night, a lantern on the forehead, and forward – weed, spud, water, etc. In general, I recommend it, it will definitely come in handy on the farm.

Piggybank of experience

I propose to exchange your own survival skills without electric lighting. Since the proposal comes from me, I’ll start myself. So:

  1. If a flashlight, candle, or lamp was not at hand, an ordinary Christmas tree garland will help out. But not all are suitable, but only with battery power or via a USB port.
  2. Even a weak flashlight will light up a room tolerably if you put it higher (on a cabinet, refrigerator, etc.) and direct the beam up. You can do the same manipulation with a candle, just make sure that it does not smoke the ceiling, and it is generally better to keep away from a tensioned or sheathed with combustible materials open fire.
  1. Another way to diffuse light is to direct the beam at a bottle (preferably 5 liters) with water.

I hope your electricity is never turned off. But if this does happen, you will still be with the light and in touch. And I expect that the piggy bank of experience will be replenished with interesting ideas, otherwise there is nothing at all! (Designer)

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