What kind of light in a room

No matter how beautifully decorated your house is if the lighting in the house is not right then everything is worthless. Because nothing can be seen. As a result, your home lighting consultant is just as important to you as architects. This is why the importance of this profession is quite high lately. Tactical use of lighting can bring about a wonderful change in the atmosphere of the house. Due to the size of the flat, the use of huge and designed chandeliers is decreasing. Many people prefer hanging lamps for their neat design and ease of cleaning. It is used not only in the living room or dining table but in all places starting from the passage to, kitchen.

Some special places can be made specific and attractive by focusing on light and shadow, said Kanta Kabir, director of Chatuskon, an interior design company. Hanging lamps create a dramatic atmosphere as well as beautification.

How to create a lighting scheme for different areas of your home?

You need to create a lighting scheme long before decorating the house and you have to make a table of where the furniture will be in the house while creating this scheme. Otherwise, your ‘lighting consultant’ will not be able to do anything. Make sure you keep the floor plan of the house with you.

In the bedroom

Lamps or hanging lights can be placed on a small table on the sidewall of the bedroom bed. It can be used for reading books before going to bed or for necessary work. Even if you use soft light in the bedroom, you need bright light for the table. In that case, the spotlight can be used. Surface lights, console lights, spotlights, false ceiling pocket lights (LEDs) can also be installed in the ceiling. If there is a workstation in the bedroom, use a bright light there. In addition, floor-standing lamps can be used in the bedroom.

Arrange bright lighting in front of the dressing table and mirror. Hanging lamps can also be provided there. The light from the dressing table should not be on the wall opposite the mirror. Usually, 50-60 watt LED lights are suitable for 120-150 square feet in the bedroom. In this case, install 30 watts for the whole house and 30 watts for the dressing unit. 20 watts is enough for a table lamp next to the bed. If there is a study corner in one corner of the bedroom, work and equipment will fit together in a hanging lamp.

In the dining room

Hanging lamps for extra light on the dining table will be very useful, it will also look good. Also, if there is a picture or painting on the wall, you can use a warm light spotlight to illuminate it, which can be moved (better if it is an LED light). Row two or three lamps from the ceiling according to the shape of the table. Hanging in the shape of a triangle without tying rows on a round table will look good. The lamp should be hung in such a way that the light falls on the food, the shade of the lamp should not be too low. If there is a kitchen next to the dining room, a hanging lamp designed by the kitchen counter will bring perfection. A salesman at the penthouse, a lamp shop, said that it is possible to combine several types of light in one room without leaving one type of light.

Living room

You can use three to four hanging lamps on the center table in the form of a bunch or by tying manure. If the corner of the room is decorated, you can also give a couple of hanging lamps there. In this case, place the lights up and down without parallel. You can choose hanging lamps of any theme, native or modern, keeping in harmony with the decor of the living room. This will make the chat more lively in the light and dark.

In the children’s home

Soft lighting is also good for children’s homes. However, there should be a bright light on the reading table. In the children’s room, you can put a lamp in the shape of any character or toy of their choice. In the child’s room, you can arrange a separate corner on the bed, reading table, or toy with lights made in the shape of the rickshaw, bicycle, car, football, etc.


This area is the most neglected in terms of lighting in any home Since stair angles or ascents and descents are not governed by special rules, in most cases the spotlight on the ceiling cannot illuminate the entire staircase. As a result, installing floor-lights on the landing of the stairs can solve this problem

In the corridor

A hanging lamp in the corridor cabinet will enhance the beauty many times over. If there is seating on the veranda, hang a hanging lamp with it. Round or ball-like hanging lamps with native motifs will look good here. (Designer)

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