What lights are needed to decorate the house

Adequate lighting is the key to decorating a home with curtains, furniture, and color. It is natural that natural light will come into the house. But in addition to natural light, lamps, focus lights, or decoration lights are used in different parts of the house to double the beauty of the house. These beautiful lights bring a special look to any type of home, big or small. How many plans do we have in order to enhance the beauty of the house along with everything else in the interior decoration? To keep the beauty of the inside and outside of the house fancy, you can combine some great lights with all the other decorating items. To make your room more attractive with all the new lights, buy lamps or light shades for each room and corner.

In addition to chandeliers, general, task, and accent lights, there are many types of fashionable lights that are usually used to decorate the house in modern times. From the passage of the house to the living room, bedroom, drawing room, which is quite suitable for all places. There are also sophisticated lamps, stripe lights, pendants, and smart lights.


Chandeliers are usually a great option for lighting large rooms. This chandelier is used especially for drawing rooms, living room ceilings. However, small size chandeliers can be chosen for medium-type living rooms. Chandeliers of different shapes and designs change the image of the house. The light of a chandelier is enough to enhance the beauty of the house, especially when the guest arrives to bring splendor to the house or during various domestic occasions. Even in the case of a duplex house, this chandelier looks great when installed along the stairs. Even in modern times, the demand for other lights has not dimmed.

The pendant or accent light

While ordinary LED lights do not reach every corner of the room, accent lights act as focus lights in specific areas of the room. Accent lights are primarily used to highlight the corners of a room or a specific object. This light can be arranged on wall paintings, sculptures, trees, or any great showpiece.

It also looks great when hung from a tall, round, or oval-shaped pendant light ceiling. In this case, the size of the room will depend on how big or small the light will be and exactly which part to hang it. These lights can be installed on the countertop of the bedroom, living room, dining room, stairs, or kitchen. General lights are used to provide adequate lighting throughout the house. This type of light decoration is less, it is mainly needed. In addition to accent lights, there are task and general lights. General lights are usually used as a table or floor lamps, ceiling lights. There are also spotlights, LED wall brackets, or focus lights for the corners of the drawing-room on the dressing table that will illuminate the whole room in a kind of magical light.


Another quite popular way to arrange light in the house is to use lamps. Lamps are one of the most important parts of a home. In modern times there is a great demand for table lamps, floor or stand lamps, hanging lamps, etc. along with other lighting systems. These lamps of different designs and shapes can be placed in different corners of the room. However, the design of the lamp in any corner will depend on the shape of the room and the purpose for which it is being placed. Even the light of the lamp can be different. However, the use of this lamp is more in the side table of the bedroom, next to the sofa in the drawing-room or in the corner and in the study room or living room, it can be for any reason of decoration or need.

Lights by size, price, design

There are different types of lights depending on the shape and design. Even the type of light to be bought for any part of the house will depend on the reason why the light is being used.

Among the fashionable lights, stripe lights can be used for home decoration. These lights come in different colors. These lights are priced as meters. The price starts from 130 rupees per meter. Such lights are used to decorate walls, shelves, or windows.

Focus lights, pendants, or accent lights are available in a variety of designs. The price can be from 1-2 thousand to many prices. In such lights, once the holder is set, it can be used safely for a long time without just changing the light.

Also, if you want to buy ordinary ceiling light or LED light, its price will depend on the watt. Such lights with a warranty will be available from Rs 350 to Rs 600. Although the price varies depending on the design and size.

There are also some special garden lights for the front garden, veranda, or roof of the house. These lights are usually waterproof. So you can keep this light on even in the pouring rain. The price of such lights is between 1800 to 2200 rupees.

Where do I go to buy lights?

To buy lights in Dhaka, you have to go to Chawkbazar, Gulistan, Gulshan, Khilgaon, Farmgate, and New Market areas. But if you want to buy at retail price, you can definitely go to Chawkbazar or Gulistan Stadium premises with some time on hand. Here you will find many light shops. You will also find Panthapath, Mirpur, Bashundhara City, and other markets in Dhaka, although the price will be a little higher and you will not get so much collection.

This idea of ​​an illuminated house to make the atmosphere of your house more alluring but will reveal the picture of your elegant personality. So now is the perfect time to buy the light of your choice and complete the task of decorating the house! (Designer)

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